When to Repair Your Driveway and When to Replace It

Search and locate emergency contractors - Local Contractor Blogs - If you’ve noticed that areas of your driveway are beginning to crack or have holes in it, you may be wondering whether to repair or replace it. When compared to other materials (like concrete, gravel, or stone), asphalt is affordable, durable, and long-lasting, which makes it a good choice. Like any driveway material, however, asphalt undergoes lots of wear and can start to break down after many years. . These days, the majority of homeowners opt for an asphalt driveway ..More

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How Do Potholes Form?

Popular nationwide industrial contractors - Technician Forum Pages - . Have you ever wondered why this happens? This paving company blog article is meant to shed some light. If you live in the Northeast, you’ve most likely spent the last month or so avoiding all of the potholes on the roads and the more you think about it, the more you notice that every year when winter comes around, it leaves a slew of dents and divots for you to maneuver around – especially if the winter was bad ..More

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Patio & Driveway Pavers

Local industrial contractors - Service Consultant Blogs - . Erosion between brick joints exposes the compacted base material and can lead to settling. Each year we suggest our customers sand the joints in their brick. Our paver installation company customers like the appearance, texture and charm of the many styles and colors offered in brick. Remember, moisture and water can be detrimental to a brick paver walk or patio. Sanding the joints will help prevent erosion between bricks. Without sufficient joint sand, brick pavers can and will settle over time. Brick paver walk ways and patios are becoming more and more popular each year. As with almost everything, brick pavers do require some maintenance to stay looking nice. If you keep the joints sufficiently sanded you can help prevent brick movement and settling. The expansion of ice and snow as it freezes during a Pennsylvania winter is enough to cause movement in brick pavers ..More

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What Season Should You Install a Concrete Patio?

Directory listing of certified contractors - Service Tech Forum Pages - If temperatures are cold but don’t reach freezing, it will still take more time than usual for your concrete to set. This can be a problem because if the water molecules in the concrete freeze, they’ll expand and most likely crack the concrete. . When the outside temperature is 40 degrees or below, it means that nighttime temperatures will probably reach below freezing ..More

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NJ Parking Lot Paving Union County NJ

Local contractors - Service, Upgrade Blogs - . The current wear and tear on your existing asphalt parking lot does have something to do with the overall price, also the amount of line striping / pavement marking needing to be completed does add to the overall cost of the paving project ..More

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